Artist Spotlight – Brittany Carchano!

071615_100 BVH

When asked about her inspiration for her piano this is what Brittany had to say, “This piece, created with acrylic paint, is a translation of a series of linocut prints I made in the spring of last year. After taking multiple classes in printmaking during my time in college, I found myself drawn to the bold yet simple and timeless statement of black and white prints, especially linocuts. Creating these individual pieces without a definite composition in mind, these prints morphed into linear abstracts with the lines capturing the energy of the moment they were created in. It’s easy to overthink your work, especially when you only have one chance to carve the “perfect lines.” This piece helped me to not worry so much about those predetermined concepts and create with a more liberated mind and unrestricted hand.”

Green Lake Park Piano

Visit her piano at Green Lake Park.