Read about the artists that transformed the pianos, musicians that inspire us and the adventures people are having with the pianos.

Artist Spotlight – Martijn Caspar Swart!

Martijn’s piano design is a loose reference to the series of plein aire landscape work. His piano was at Marymoor Park.

In a Blue Moon

Artist Spotlight – Olivia Beaufait, and her son William!

Olivia and William live next to Jefferson Park. They were excited to add a colorful addition to the park amenities for a few weeks this summer.

071615_158 BVH

Artist Spotlight – Kentaro Shimoda!

When asked about art this is what Kentaro said, “I have always enjoyed how art allows me to feel how I am growing; it allows me to express my independence, and it allows me to learn more about the world and myself.”

071615_094 BVH

Kentaro’s piano was at Magnuson Park and enjoyed by many!

Artist Spotlight – Elizabeth Donahue & Sophia Lael

071615_106 BVH

For Elizabeth and Sophia, this little piano begged to be covered with miniature scenes of Seattle’s beaches in all seasons and times of day.

These two artists have collaborated and been friends for 30 years of artistic endeavors and in the art of living. They wanted to paint the clamming scene to bring the interaction of family, community, and nature to Pianos in the Parks. Seattle’s parks are a huge part of why Elizabeth loves the City so much. She visits Seward Park almost every day, and thinks public interactive art is a great way to inspire the community.

A Day at the Beach

Their piano was at Denny Park.

Artist Spotlight – Javier Ortega

071615_132 BVH

Javier Ortega tapped into his background in sculpture to animate his piano, “The Call of the Music.”

A Call of the Music

See this piano played at the Concert at the Mural at Seattle Center on August 21.


Artist Spotlight – Kathleen Moore!

071615_189 BVH

Kathleen’s piano, “Riffing Music Pink and Blue – Homage to O’Keeffe”, is inspired by the lush colors and shapes of Western artist Georgia O’Keeffe. “My art is a bit myopic,” Moore chuckles about her pastel paintings of flowers and succulents as well as her more minimalist mixed media works. “I really get excited about tiny details that usually get passed by. When I look really closely at something I am amazed by the beautiful shapes that become visible – like stepping into another world.” This is Kathleen Moore’s second piano for Pianos in the Park.

Riffing Music Pink and Blue - Homage to O'Keeffe

Kathleen’s piano delighted people at SeaTac airport. A lovely vision for the weary traveler.

Artist Spotlight – Vikram Madan

071615_166 BVH

When Vikram was asked about “Eye-guy from Outer Space” this is what he said, “My work is often influenced by pop culture – including all the comics and science fiction I read growing up. For this piano, I couldn’t help creating a friendly, whimsical alien creature who captures a feeling of, and invites viewers to have some, light-hearted musical summer fun that will, hopefully, be out of this world.”

Eye-guy from Outer Space

Vikram’s piano was enjoyed at Downtown Bellevue Park and now is being enjoyed in a new home.


Artist Spotlight – Queenie Sunshine!

071615_123 BVH

Queenie wanted to create a pettable, playful and playable instrument. Like Sesame Street meets Ziggy Stardust meets “Where the Wild Things Are”. Most of its surfaces are covered in fur, and its adorned in hints of glitz and bling. Learning and playing music can be monster-sized. It can be wild, sometimes untamed and often unpredictable. It can be overwhelming and intimidating. But the process also has a wonderfully gentle, playful side; once you grow familiar with it, it befriends you, then it can become a source of comfort to you.

Monster Piano

Monster piano was at Luther Burbank Park on Mercer Island.

Artist Spotlight – Candice Covey!

Crowing Crows

Candice Covey’s piano depicts birds in flight against a landscape. “My work is about mystery. As a kid, the world is large and filled with adventure,” Candice shares. “Growing up camping in the Rockies, it felt wild, untamed, and unknown – sitting by the campfire, with bats flying above, being entertained with simply nothing but stories that sparked the imagination.”

“Crowing Crows” was at Mercerdale Park. It is off to it’s new home!

Artist Spotlight – Carol Hendricks!

071615_150 BVH

Carol Hendricks created a Van Gogh-inspired piano. “I love all aspects of studying and teaching art history and wanted to incorporate that into my piano,” Carol reveals. “I have always been inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s painting “The Starry Night” and by Van Gogh as an artist. This piano is created to inspire anyone who walks past to create music or to create their own work of art.”

Starry, Starry Notes

“Starry, Starry Notes” was a very popular piano at Seacrest Park on Alki.